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Quieting Title In Alabama

8 April 6pm Zoom 

Learn in one night the purpose and basic process of Quieting Title in Alabama

- 3.5 hours of discussion and insight into the requirements, steps and filings

- - I teach this at Birmingham School of Law and it takes three weeks, so do not

     expect to be able to leave the class and file quiet title

- - This class does not count toward any law degree program and is not legal advice

- People from many different areas of the real estate industry will attend

- We discuss the requirements before filing, alternatives, and basic legal insights

- Includes references to the applicable Alabama Code sections

- Three main different ways of clearing Alabama land titles

 - - and when and how they should be used

Reserve your spot by emailing Gregory.Stanley@Outlook.Com and you will receive a link to pay $285 by CashApp. 

ATLASS Members get $100 discount.


Paypal and credit/debit cards require extra fees so price would be $300.

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